Behind Elephants In The Room

The Beginning Of EITR

I had the idea for this library a few years ago while I was working on Marvel Heroes MMO. As a sound designer, I knew how important animal sounds were for my work and I loved the elephant vocals I was able to get a hold of. The problem was that I wasn’t happy about the quality or diversity of what was out there.

I wanted elephant vocals that were more than just a single growl or roar. I wanted a large variety of vocals that had plenty of variations. I also wanted vocals that were recorded at a high enough resolution to withstand extreme pitch bending without introducing artifacts and noise. It wasn’t and still isn’t available to the public. Knowing what was missing was one of the first steps to solving the problem.

For a project of this magnitude and sounds this rare, I wanted to have access to as many elephants as possible for as long as possible. In researching cost and availability around the world, I decided that Thailand would be the best place for me to explore.

I knew I couldn’t just arrive with a bunch of gear with no contacts or context and ask where I should set it up. So for my first trip I brought a minimal gear with the hopes of recording whatever I could. My most important goals in terms of the library at that time were to 1) meet people face to face and start a working relationship, and 2) see how I might execute my recording sessions for the following trip.



Integrity of Recording

I recorded this library with XYZ gear and had virtually no distorted recordings. I mixed these files to be true to life so you'll find very little compression and when you listed to a file that feels low, feel free to turn it up quite a bit. You'll find that there is almost no noise machine or mic noise.