About Sonic Shepherd



My name is Bret Johns and I'm a sound designer based in Los Angeles California with over 15 years experience. For a large portion of that time I was the senior sound designer for "Marvel Heroes MMO" and before that a sound designer on "The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes". I've worked in video games, television, and film and loved them all, but in late 2014 I started planning the launch of my own sound effects company. I’d known since then that I wanted my first library to be a collection of elephant recordings and by mid 2018, with completion of my first library; “Elephants In the Room”, I launched Sonic Shepherd.

 My first exposure to a large collection of high quality sound effects dates back to my roots at Soundelux in Hollywood. I could get lost for days listening to the recordings they had on their server. As an independent sound designer I've had to take some creative steps to do more with less and it was easy to see the advantage they had with such an incredible library. Creativity still plays a large role in the work that I do today, but I’ve learned that inspirational, unique recordings help shape that creativity and make my job as a sound designer much easier.

The focus of Sonic Shepherd is to produce sound libraries for other sound designers with that perspective in mind and provide interesting material as source to make their job easier. I hope the libraries I provide here give your work a creative edge and that you love using them as much as I enjoy making them.


-Bret Johns


                      The original "Sonic Shepherd" in Los Angeles, California