Why I Otter! Sound Effects Library

Why I Otter! Sound Effects Library

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Why I Otter! is a collection of vocalizations from Giant South American River Otters. They produce a variety of sounds including shrieks, barks, screeches, whistles, whines, and groans. They are extremely expressive and provide a unique sonic pallet for sound design.

These sounds can be used as design elements for creatures, explosion sweeteners, ( especially leads or tails ), magic, space ship elements, mutant powers and more.

 In the SoundCloud preview above I've overlapped several otter recordings. The sounds play as follows; The 1st fifteen seconds is played back at normal speed. The 2nd fifteen seconds is slowed down by 30%. The last 15 seconds is slowed down by 50%. The important thing to notice is that these recordings still sound incredibly detailed as they're pitched down. This is due to the microphones used and the resolution with which they were recorded.

 All of the otters were recorded using a Sound Devices 702. The first set of performances were recorded using a Sanken CSS-5. The second set of performances were recorded using 2 microphones simultaneously; a Sanken CO-100K and a Sennheiser MKH 8050. All performances were recorded at 192kHz/24bit. (1GB)

 - These recordings can withstand extreme pitch bending and still retain their inherent character and detail.

 - Digital download only

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